I’m Trying to Remember the Plot of the Film “Camp”

The movie pans out and shows Beverly singing a powerful song. Everybody is at the camp.

There’s a guy, let’s call him “Spiky Hair Gerald,” is looking in the mirror and doing karate. It’s pretty funny.

The camp is for dorks because not only are they at a musical camp, they’re at a camp at all. That makes them dorks.

One girl who later went on to have a big hit single sings and boy, did I have no idea she’d be a big deal one day. I thought for sure it’d be Beverly.

They sing all the hits: Follies, Dreamgirls, Turkey Lurkey, etc.

People are in love with each other there. Some girl has a crush on Spike Hair Gerald and he doesn’t like her back, I think. Or maybe they kiss.

In the end, they have to leave camp and go home.

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