12 Story Ideas

  1. The real American Idol. It’s the stop 8 and they have a lot of scandals like a normal reality show but worse and then they put on a wholesome image on the show.
  2. A cartoon where the character does normal things like a pig putting on his business suit and going to work for the stock exchange and working for 8 hours.
  3. Trying to recall the movie CAMP and filling in the details with false memories too.
  4. A wedding that gets ruined by a loose hippo.
  5. A weeping willow that whispers advice to people but also swears constantly. Eventually the town’s people cut it down and set the roots on fire but the fire burns for 100 years.
  6. A woman gets robbed in her house at night but instead of stealing her jewelry and electronics, the robber steals all her beanie babies.
  7. A cooking show but instead of fancy food it’s done by rednecks and they do stuff like put out a cigarette in their food but instead of 1 cigarette it’s like, a whole pack they just light on fire on one end and stick the cigarettes in the cake.
  8. A bartender who only serves Santa. And every time someone says Santa doesn’t exist he says, “Oh yes he does. And he’s a scotch man.”
  9. A guitarist guy and his wacky adventures touring around the United States in his stepdad’s RV. He meets his only groupie and tours with her but she turns out to be a serial killer of guitarists who are touring the United States, specifically. He is torn between having the great feeling of his first groupie, or leaving her behind because she’s a serial killer.
  10. The devil in hell exists and the place looks like hot, on fire, red, and the devil is wearing a felt suit of red and it has a fake tail that’s pointed. He has a pitchfork that he pokes peoples’ butts with. The story is taken from his side of the story and he makes you think he’s the good guy.
  11. The story of Jesus except told by his stupidest apostle who was kicked out for being too bad of an apostle. He talks about how he overate at the table when Jesus says he’ll be betrayed. He regularly talks about all the bitches he bagged at the sermon on the mount and gives a speech about it right before Jesus because he was the opener. There’s all these things about the gospel you don’t know and it’s told from the narrator’s point of view, who is God. He commits all the 7 deadly sins and then the other apostles don’t write about him and he doesn’t write anything because he doesn’t like to write.
  12. There’s an alien in the woods near someone’s house and the family gets abducted and returned to earth and they have super powers like mind reading and telekinesis so actually they think it’s pretty cool and the family goes around having to hide it and slowly learning about their alien powers until one day they see they’re being surveilled and if they say or do the wrong things they get an electric shock like a dog. So they start getting freaked out and then the aliens come and pick them up and they take off into space and leave Earth in shambles with how much they used their powers for evil which is exactly what the aliens wanted the whole time.

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