Describing Things to a Alien

Uh, ok. A flower. This specimen belongs in a garden. It has something called “petals” which are little sprouting things that frame the core of the flower. Whatever that’s called. The center. For example, let’s look at something called a, “sunflower.” It has bright, vibrant yellow colored petals that scatter around the brown center of it, filled with seeds that are edible with a lot of salt. You don’t eat the shell. Never eat the shell. PLEASE. Never eat the shell, Craig.

Connected to the crown of the flower is a long, green, strong, and thick “stem.” The stem holds up the flower so it’s not weighed down and snaps and crashes to the ground. There is something called a “leaf” that “sprouts” off the sides of the stem and sometimes beneath the crown of the flower. These are fun to pick off. It doesn’t hurt the flower emotionally so don’t. worry.

They’re beautiful. Nobody hates a flower.

So please buy a flower today because: nobody hates a flower.

Ahhh, yes. A sunset. One of life’s greatest joys. I mean, if you’re something that depends on sun like a flower maybe. Maybe a beaver. Do they need sunlight? Does a beaver live in its stick-den or what?

A sunset does not smell like anything. A sunset is all looks. When it’s dissipating behind the mountains or maybe the ocean, it changes colors, right before your eyes. Sometimes the sun goes from bright yellow to pink or purple. There are all kinds of possibilities.

A sunset is a celestial body that hides behind trees to protect itself. When the sun goes away? Dark.

You cannot taste a sunset.

If you touch a sunset you will die. It is hot!!!

So please buy a sunset. Buy a sunset today. Come on! Buy a sunset!

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